Your phone is helping harming the planet

It’s time to change that

The honest reality

By 2040, communication technology will account for 14% of the global environmental footprint.

Already, the tech industry emits as many greenhouse gases as global aviation.

There’s a better way to do mobile. A way that helps, rather than hurts, the world around us. And you can be part of it.

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Helping you help the planet

We’re not here to guilt-trip you about the state of the world.
We’re here to make doing your bit easier.

When you become an Honest customer, you become part of a business doing right by the planet. The more customers that choose us, the bigger our impact becomes.

Honest in action

The UK's first B Corp mobile network

As a certified B Corporation, we're legally committed to consider people and the planet in every business decision we make.

Honest in Action

The UK's only carbon negative network

We remove double the carbon created across the entire lifespan of your phone.

Meaning the carbon footprint of every call, email and selfie you take is removed, twice over.

Honest in Action

1% for the planet member

A member of a global network working together to support people and the planet.

We donate 1% of revenue to initiatives fighting the climate crisis.

Honest in Action

Together, we’re making an impact

At Honest, we don’t just say we’re doing good. We report on it. Everything we do for the planet goes into our annual Impact Report. And instead of patting ourselves on the back, we use it to review how we can do even more next year.

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