How to activate your SIM

Your step-by-step guide to a smooth set up


Download the app


Log in with your email address

Make sure to use the one you ordered your SIM with (that’s the one we sent your order confirmation). You can update this in the app once you’ve set up.


Enter your SIM number

Hint: they’re the last four digits on the back of your SIM.


Transfer your number or get a new one

Text PAC to 65075 (it’s free). You’ll get your code within 60 seconds – enter this in the app and choose when you’d like your number to switch to Honest. Your contract with your current network will cancel on the same day.

Want a new number? Choose this option in the app instead.


Confirm your plan

Or choose another if you’ve changed your mind.


Turn on world roaming (or don’t)

This will let you roam outside the UK and EU and can be updated anytime.


Set your bill cap

Limit how much you’ll pay for extras like international and premium calls or picture messages. Be warned though: setting your bill cap as £0 means you won’t be able to use your phone for any extras. You can update this cap anytime in the app.


Confirm your payment method 

Select your card or add a new one. We’ll use this to bill your first month upfront, then subsequent ones unless you tell us otherwise.

Your first month starts when you activate your SIM. If that’s mid-month, we’ll bill you for the full month, then take any days you didn’t use off your next bill.


Final checks

Double check you’re happy with everything then press that activation button.


Lift off 🚀

Have a question?

Have a question? Contact our customer support team.