Mobile done right: the Honest refresh

A closer look at our rebrand, complete with a shiny new website and app.

Sophia King
Tue Jan 23 2024
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Back in 2019, school friends Andy and Josh were fed up with the big mobile networks taking advantage. They knew there had to be a better way than their annual price hikes, complicated contracts and terrible customer service.

So they started Honest.

Fast-forward to 2024, and a lot has changed.

We became the UK’s first B Corp mobile network and one of the UK’s top-rated on Trustpilot. We’ve grown from a team of two to almost 20. And we’re about to launch our game-changing Smart SIM, giving customers unbeatable coverage and cheaper roaming for essential apps worldwide.

Put simply, we’ve grown up a lot since the early days of Andy and Josh working from their bedrooms.

It felt like time for our brand to reflect that. So we’ve had an upgrade.

This blog will take a closer look at our rebrand, but that’s not all that’s changed.

Here’s what’s new:

🟢 A brighter, bolder look bringing our story to life (scroll on for more on that)

📱 An app that makes it even easier to manage your SIM (Impact and Perks sections coming soon)

💥 A fresh new website at

Ready to delve into the next step in our journey? Read on.

The Honest Website in all its lime green glory
Our new website at

Getting started

It’s our customers who make Honest what it is, so we couldn’t go through this change without getting their input first.

After all, we can say we’re honest all we want, but it falls flat if the people around us don’t say the same.

So we asked our customers lots of questions.

What did they love about us? What were they not so keen on? How would they describe us to a friend?

Through hundreds of surveys and conversations, we uncovered some real gems of customer insights.

Here were some of our favourites:

We also quite liked the comment about “demolishing the big boys” 👀

(Want to hear more about what our customers think of us? Check out our Trustpilot reviews.)

Then we spoke with our team.

What made them proud to work here? What did they want to double down on? Where did we need more pizazz?

Through our conversations with hundreds of people, the same themes kept emerging about Honest:

We took all these insights onboard to evolve our brand story. Then we got to work with design agency Otherway.

Unveiling our new look: bold, clean and green

Our new wordmark and strapline: Mobile done right
Our shiny new wordmark and strapline

In an industry full of cheesy corporate photography, ancient tech and complicated contracts, our new look celebrates what makes us different. We’re greener, cleaner and not afraid to call out the big networks for their nonsense.  

Here’s a breakdown of our new brand.

Strapline: Mobile done right

Short and to the point, our new strapline wraps up everything we’re setting out to do for people and planet. All while the big networks continue to get it wrong 👀


This one’s kind of obvious. We’re green because… we are.

As a B Corp, we put sustainability at the heart of every business decision.

Our new hero Lime and supporting dark green Kelp take inspiration from nature while helping us to stand out and feel fresh, both online and off.


We’re doing mobile right. So we’ve got ourselves a wordmark and icon that feels like a stamp of integrity. If it’s got the Honest stamp, you can trust it’s got our seal of approval.

The new Honest mobile logo
Our icon gives our seal of approval to all things Honest


We promise to always keep things straightforward, without the fancy language and long words. Our font choice (Brut Grotesk, don’t ya know) reflects that. It’s quietly confident, easy to read, and feels down to earth.


We’re serious about building the best mobile network on the planet, but we know how to have fun, too.

To inject that playful side into our brand, we worked with illustrator Glory Art to create a series of illustrations that bring our vibrant look to life.

Our new hero illustrations
Our illustrations add a personal touch and bring fun to what we do

What’s next?

So there it is: our refreshed brand in a nutshell 💥

This isn’t the end of Honest as you know it. Rather, it’s the next evolution of who we are and what we stand for as we strive to constantly improve.

Honest started out as an inkling of an idea over a pint in the pub. Today, it’s the challenger mobile network flipping the script on what mobile can and should be.

We’ll always do what’s right by you and the planet, even if it means investing more of our time, effort or money. Because we’re committed to giving you the mobile experience you deserve.

Our new brand reflects that.

Want to see more of Honest 3.0 in action? Take a look around our website, download our app or subscribe to our newsletter. You could even make our day and become a customer.

And keep your eyes peeled for our new ads, launching across both print and digital this week 👀

Here’s to the next step in our journey setting a bold new standard for mobile.

Honest mobile app

Got feedback about our rebrand? Share it with us. We’re all ears.

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